With the Skylines and particularly the 300 ZX they have no adjustment in the front end for camber or caster so what you get is what you get. When they are lowered this accentuates or increases more negative camber by changing the geometry of the cars suspension. Also often they are out of spec due to wear and the odd bump or accident.

This causes excessive tyre wear and unstable handling and braking. Even if the car is within spec they are still uneven. We have designed adjustable radius rods and camber kits for these cars. For camber either total replacement of the upper control arms for R32 GTS & GTR & 300 ZX or option of replacement camber pins in urethane or rear upper adjustable rose jointed control arms for the GTS & GTR R33. All camber and caster kits use urethane that has been tested to get the correct compound.

With the adjustable upper control arms there is about 2 degrees adjustment most of which is for more positive adjustment, and up to 1 degree with the camber pins and ½ degree with the R33 as it only replaces the outer bush. The car steers more precise to and easier and won't wear out unlike the factory ones. GTR's in particular being progressive four wheel drive put a lot of strain on the radius rods and the standard ones being a silicone filled rubber bush have too much flex especially if they have over standard horse power. This is why they tend to walk around corners, or get a vague feeling in front end, this in turn puts added strain on the standard upper control arms, designed to move up and down only so they wear out.

We recommend Dobinson Springs, an Australian company that make progressive rate springs, both normal type and also coil overs. Progressive rate springs means the top part of the spring is a different tension or resistance to the bottom part. This allows comfort under normal driving conditions so you don't feel every pebble on the road and when cornering hard the spring compresses and the stiffer rating part of the spring comes into action for handling. Also the car doesn't skip around too much by having too hard springs and they have more scope to be matched to standard shocks or upgraded sports shocks.