For optimal performance, we at Unique Auto Sports first make sure the car is in good order and has a good base.

Our mechanical checks cover many areas including:

  • Correct spark plugs.
  • Due to different fuels in Japan plus some cars often have the wrong spark plugs, or incorrect heat range for Australian petrol and temperatures and often wrong gap
  • Correct timing
  • Injector clean
  • Injectors often get partially blocked over time
  • Valve injection and throttle body clean
This may sound boring, often these things alone equate to more power by having the car breath better, have cleaner injectors and better spark. We have tested many spark plugs and have come up with the best Iridium spark plugs for performance vehicles in Australia which are running higher boost. Heat range and gap is also important.

It is also very important that the cooling system is in good order especially with 300 ZX Twin Turbos as they run very hot. Before we turn up the boost we recommend a check over of the vehicle.