As always, we test products and confirm claims before we recommend anything. We are very impressed with this product and have researched it thoroughly. The inventor and owner Geoff West from Perth has been to our shop and our race days numerous times. He knows his stuff and has a vast experience in racing sprint cars. 

Our tests include a day at Wakefield Racetrack in an R33 GTR with a Power FC Computer, with digital display, showing the amount of knock in the motor. We were able to get 6 degrees more advance after adding the product which is good for 30 plus HP. On the dyno, without changing anything in a 300ZX TT, we found a real 8hp more power at the wheels mainly in mid range and up.

Also the product is non toxic and has no side effects, unlike many of the competition which leave a film on plugs and may increase octane but fowl plugs.

The product contains Viscone which in the yellow bottle cleans injectors, valves as well as increase octane 40 points or 4 Ron over standard fuel and increases fuel economy.

In the article from Fast 4s, Dec 1999 issue they used a Knockmeter to measure performance. The results from these measurements, which are very accurate are displayed in an extract from their article opposite. The real test confirming this is MR Dyno and Mr Racetrack.