Frequently Asked Question's

Please read points below to help us help you, the customer and fellow enthusiast.

1) Product Questions?

Please go through our website as many of your questions will be answered there. If you have any further enquires please call us or email us with any queries. We will endeavour to get back to as soon as possible.

2) Are all your products in Stock?

Most products we advertise are either in stock or are readily available within a few days. Place your order and let our sales team handle the rest. I you need to advise us of any additional information call our salesteam on 02 9620 9000 or email us. If there is any delay with your order one of our staff will contact you either by email or telephone on the status of your order.

3) How do I pay?

Payment can be made by credit card, paypal or direct deposit. A 2% charge is payable on credit card purchases and 3% on paypal purchases. If you are a customer from overseas we will only accept paypal of international money transfer.

4) Do you send products overseas?

Yes we will send goods to anywhere in the world. We will have to give you a quote on the freight costs as the size and weight varies greatly on our products. Some products we will not send overseas because they are too fragile but this is rare.

5) Do you sell custom body kits?

No we don’t do custom body kits. We can get other body kits, other than seen on our website so you may like to give us a call.

6) Are your prices in Australian Dollars?

All our prices shown on this website are in Australian dollars ($AUD) inclusive of GST and are subject to change.

7) Do the bonnets (hoods)  come with a latch?

All bonnets come with a factory latch and hinge they do not require bonnet pins unless specified.