Video from a helmet cam inside the UAS Z32 at the Nissan Nationals 2013. John Penlington is the driver.

UAS 300ZX race car ran off the track at Philip Island by Datsun 1600 Turbo (30/03/2013)

Johns Project 300ZX at the UAS Wakefield Park Trackday on May 1st 2005

Datsun Dyno Day at Unique AutoSports 2015 

World Time Attack, Sydney Motorsport Park, GP Circuit 2013
John Boston from Trackschool driving the R32 GTR
Time: 1.34

Skylines Australia Nationals 2012 
Eastern Creek, Superlap, 2011.
Unique Auto Sports 300ZX 
Driven by John Boston
Time: 1:35.23

John Boston Driving UAS 300ZX 

Time: 62.3 sec lap

Superlap 2009 UAS Zed Overtaking GTR

John Boston driving the UAS Zed at Superlap Oran Park 2009

Jack, one of our customers, driving his GTR at Phillip Island 2008

UAS Zed and Gibson GIO GTR, overhead shot

Phillip Island, John Penlington driving the UAS Zed, overtaking the Gibson GIO GTR on the straight in 2007

Unique Auto Sports 300ZX, driven by John Penlington, prior to aero mods.

Skylines Australia Dyno Day at Unique Autosports on March 11th 2006.

Skylines Australia Dyno Day at UAS, March 11th 2006. A large crowd interested in watching cars being tested on UAS's dyno.

UAS Zed winning the DNN at Phillip Island 2007


Two GTR's doing big burnouts at the Western Sydney International Drags.

The Unique Zed overtaking an S15

This is a R34 tailing John's 300zx


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