photo ASNU.gif   Provided UAS with the fuel injectors.

The premier turbo parts, provided UAS with the turbos. 
  Compact Waste Gates, E Boost and Blow Off Valves. 
  Custom Race Harmonic Balancer with chopper wheel for crank trigger and custom billet alloy alternator Bracket. 
  Exhaust Manifolds

Custom steam pipe exhaust manifolds, with V band, quick release. 
  Powder Coating silver on front engine cover, rocker covers, intake plenum and pipes. 
  Super Light Chrome Molly one peice Flywheel. 
  Motorsport Fittings
In the race for kilowatts it is easy to forget pivotal auxillary components. Fortunately for UAS, however, Motorsport Connections have readily and promptly provided us with the numerous high quality fittings and hosing we have required to complete this project. 
  Synthetic Oil Race Tech  15W-50

100% synthetic, for extreme conditions with the wide-range viscosity. High thermal stability and optimises engine performance.