Unique Auto Sports is regularly featured in magazines such as "Unique Cars" and in "High Performance Imports". Many of the high performance vehicles that have either been purchased from or being maintained by Unique Auto Sports, have earned their place in the media for all to see. Aside from providing many of the high quality vehicles that feature in these magazines, Unique's Manager John Penlington often lends his expert opinion in matters concerning the "import scene" as well as circuit & dyno testing the vehicles.

With the kind permission of these reputable publications, we can now bring to you some of the excellent articles featuring some of the wildest imports to bolt from the "Unique Auto Sports" stable.  

2013 Release Motive DVD with Unique Auto Sports 300ZX race car featured. Shows some technical specs and shows progression of the car and lots of track footage, both inside and outside the car. >>

 Check out this article by called 'ZED'S DEAD, BABY, ZED'S DEAD...'